Our Story

Our story is simple. I am a stay at home mom with four young kids living just northwest of Denver, Colorado, in a town called Arvada. We are right at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where the air is crisp and fresh, but dry as a bone. With the beautiful snow covered mountain peaks came cracked and severely chapped lips. We needed long lasting hydration pure enough for a baby's skin.

I grabbed for the usual suspects around the house, but most of the products contained harsh chemicals and ingredients I didn’t feel comfortable using on my 6 month old baby girl who has sensitive skin. I needed something easy to apply, that would have lasting effects.

After intense research I knew what ingredients would help my little ones and it was just a matter of testing recipes to find the perfect blend. 

I had to make a balm with all natural, vegan, and most importantly, nourishing, ingredients, gathered from sources I trusted.  Before I knew it, Just FACE was born.

At Just FACE, we strive to provide a hydrating, lip-smoothing balm that goes on lighter and silkier than beeswax-based lip products. Our products are not sticky like traditional lip balms and they last a long time. Our ingredients hydrate and condition the skin from the inside out, they don't just coat your lips with the illusion of moisture. The best part is, they leave your lips soft and smooth. 

With exotic flavors made from all natural ingredients, you’ll love what Just FACE Lip Balm has to offer. We use recycled packaging and recyclable materials and with every purchase, we contribute to organizations that help correct cleft lips and palates in children in developing countries; because everyone deserves to love their lips. 

We offer a wide variety of scents so you can quench every mood and your lips will thank you. Before you know it, you'll love what we stand for and you will love your lips!