"Just FACE is the only lip product I have used that actually lasts all day without having to use too much of it. Others I have tried, including Mary Kay and MAC, take more product and reapplication throughout the day. My lips also dry out quite a bit in the winter or when I run, and since using JustFACE I have found that I only have to use it once and my lips stay moisturized all day and during my runs. This product also doesn't leave my lips feeling cakey. The cute bamboo packaging is an added bonus, and also makes it easy for me to locate it in the midst of all my cosmetics. I love it! I am so glad I have finally found something that works!!" -Seema P.


"Loved the product! I'm happy to use it on myself and my child knowing it has natural ingredients. Stays on long and moisturizes very well!" - Nisha G.


"Just FACE, this is the first chapter of something really great!" - Summit R.


"This lip balm really works wonders on dry chapped lips, I have used different brands over the years but this has been the best so far." - Min


"You had me with the packaging, you won me with the product." - Anonymous